Riverthon℠ Race Rules

River City Paddlesports’s race events are open to all paddle-craft.

  1. All Participants must be experienced paddlers, have pre-registered at Run Sign Up https://runsignup.com/ , signed a Riverthon℠ wavier and have the proper equipment.
  2. All participants must sign the current Riverthon™ Amateur Athletic Wavier and Release of Liability and agree to Riverthon℠ rules and procedures.
  3. All race participants are required that while on the water to have in his/her possession a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), Type I, II, III or V approved by either the US Coast Guard or the state in which the event is being held. If said state has additional specific rules, those rules must be adhered to. If water conditions warrant, Riverthon℠ may require PFD be to be worn by all competitors or to be readily and easily accessible.
  4. Riverthon℠ requires that when PFDs are required to be worn, they be worn as the manufacturer designed them to be worn; also, each boat must have at least one PFD per participant, while on the water.
  5. All Riverthon℠  SUP participants are required to use a board leash.
  6. Riverthon™ requires that PFDs be in good condition, i.e., no tears, holes, or rips, etc. They may be stitched with thread. Boat (duct) tape is not acceptable.
  7. All Riverthon℠ racing participants are required to attend a pre-event meeting (Captain’s meeting) before the start of their event.
  1. The use of alcohol or mind altering drug use prior to and during races are absolutely prohibited.
  2. Riverthon℠ and all race participants are required to adhere to all current U.S. Coast Guard regulations for inland.
  3. Louisville 50 and Mayor’s Cup  race participants are required to report at each defined checkpoint station for their event and do so before that checkpoint closes.  If you drop out of the race before any checkpoints, you must call the telephone number provided and report your stopping point and time.
  4. Louisville 50 race participants must portage the McAlpine Dam at the portage located at checkpoint #3.
  5. Riverthon℠ race participants are to avoid the Commercial Channel or the sailing line
  6. All Louisville 50 race participants are responsible for their own shore support. – You must make your own arrangements for personal and gear shuttles. Your shore support must be available during the day to take out if you decide to stop before completing the race.
  7. Riverthon℠ requires participants to be experienced paddlers and have: sea worthy craft, PFD’s for each person, a signal device, communication device, lights if traveling after sunset, Clothing appropriate for the weather
  1. Riverthon℠ reserves the right to refuse entry to any participant who does not comply with these rules.