Race Divisions

Race Divisions



  • Men/Women High Performance Kayak + ICF K-1 ( 18 ft 1in and longer )
  • Men/Women Fast Kayak (16ft 1in to 18ft)
  • Men/Women  Kayak ( 14ft 1in to 16ft)
  • Men/Women Kayak ( 14′ and Under)


Stand Up Paddleboard & Prone Board

  • Men/Women SUP 14 & Unlimited ( 14ft and longer)
  • Men/Women SUP 12’6 and under ( 12 ft 6 in and under)
  • Men/Women Prone Paddleboard (Any length paddled with hands)

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  • Men/Women Outrigger Canoe, OC-1 ( Any length)
  • Men/Women Racing canoe C1 (solo)= kevlar/carbon ( Any length)
  • Men/Woman Rec canoe C1 (solo)= plastic/wood/aluminum




  • Men/Women/Mixed Tandem Racing Kayak
  • Men/Women/Mixed Rec canoe C2 (tandem)= plastic/wood/aluminum ( Any length)
  • Men/Women/Mixed Racing canoe C2 (tandem)=kevlar/carbon
  • Men/Women/Mixed Tandem Outrigger Canoe, OC-2 ( Any length)


Open Racing

All the races are open to any human powered sea worthy craft.  Including craft with three or more people paddling. This will be a mixed class there will not be a men’s or women’s class for these boats.