McAlpine Lock and Dam Portage

Take out at the lower marker in the map below, which is the Checkpoint, and carry boats about 1000 ft. to the NW and put in.  Warning: this is rough ground.  Gate is open only on race day. After putting back in, stay close to Sand Island which is fore (ahead) of you and will be starboard (to the right) as you paddle downstream to avoid the current and interaction with the lock operations. Be careful crossing the sailing line before and after the portage.

The McAlpine Lock and Dam Portage is 4.5 miles downstream of the Community Boathouse Dock, and 12.5 miles upstream of Riverview Park.

Address GPS Coordinates Ohio River Mile Description
N 27th St, Louisville, KY  N 38.279561,
W 85.787622
607 Ramp to the right of the McAlpine Locks